Air Source Heat Pump

A heat pump with air source is a heating system that converts the air outside your home into heat. This has a variety of benefits, with the use of sustainable and renewable energy obvious. Not only can an air heat pump keep you warm in bitter winter temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius during the winter months, but it can also reduce your ever-more important carbon footprint. The importance of providing a range of energy efficient products has increased to meet the growing demand for renewable energy.
How does a heat pump work with an air source?
The air heat pump sucks air from outside your home. This is done by the cooling solution, which absorbs the air in the pump system. This is the same technology used in a refrigerator where hot air is removed from the inside of the refrigerator to keep the indoor environment cold.
The air sucked in from outside is transferred to the indoor unit. The indoor unit then heats the air and distributes the hot air appropriately in your home, apartment or industry. This heating system is incredibly energy efficient and can lower your energy costs, depending on the fuel you replace.
Suitable for your home?
The air heating system is generally recommended for smaller objects, e.g. As an apartment, a greenhouse or a smaller industrial or commercial unit. This is because the heating system gradually heats up your building instead of quickly raising the interior temperature of the property. To take full advantage of the air source heat pump, your home must have a good installation to stay warm.
The advantages of the air source heat pump?
Reducing your carbon footprint is not the only benefit of an air source heat pump, though that’s significant. The air heat pump also has the advantage of lowering your electricity bills. The air heat pump is low maintenance and forgets because of the low noise emission, that she is there herself.
If you choose your supplier and installer carefully, your highly trained and helpful staff will maintain the extremely high standard of service that will provide sound advice for every product or service. They are proud to provide a reputable and quality service that you can rely on when installing your much-needed air source heat pump. The need to reduce your carbon footprint is increasing and they can not only provide you with the solution to reduce your carbon footprint, but also reduce your heating costs.