Aluminium Music Stand

Aluminium is the most common material used to make music stands and for good reason – it is durable despite being so light. That said, you should not buy the first aluminium music stand that you come across – they are not all made the same. If you want to get the best you should take your time and choose a stand that will serve you well. Make sure that it is the light enough – there are some that are made of a mix of aluminium and other materials which can make them heavy. You should also ensure that the stand can fold into a small compact size that is easy to carry around.

You should choose a stand that is adjustable – it allows you to play while seated and also while standing. Adjust it upwards and downwards to see how high and low it goes. If you are buying your stand online you should buy from a vendor who has a good return policy so that you return it in case it doesn’t perform as expected.

It is always better to buy a stand that can accommodate more than one piece of sheet music – as you get better and better at playing your instrument you will be reading off several sheets at once and you don’t want to stop and turn pages. It should also have a small area where you can place keys, your phone and other small items when you are playing.

One of the best vendors of aluminium music stands in the UK is RatStands. They are well known for selling quality music stands – they have been doing it for more than 40 years. They are able to ship to many different countries and they have a great return policy.