Barn conversion holidays

Barn conversion holidays are a trend that is catching on fast. Barn owners are converting them into holiday cottages where guests can enjoy a much more peaceful holiday than they would if they stayed in a hotel. As someone who is planning to go on a cottage holiday, there are several factors that you should take into account when booking this kind of holiday:
• The first thing you have to do is find a location. There are many cottage holidays in the UK but luxury holiday cottages in Norfolk. Choose a cottage that is close to a beach and also surrounded by tourists attractions so that you can have plenty to do during your holiday.
• You should make a budget that takes into account everything in your holiday. You should include accommodation, travel, meals, gifts, entrance fees into tourist attractions and anything else that you plan to do during the holidays.
• You should decide on the size of the cottage that you want to book based on the number of people who you will be taking on holiday. There are small cottages that are designed for one or two people and there are bigger ones that can fit entire families. If you will be taking a small child with you make sure to call ahead and ask for a cot. The same goes for if you will be going on holiday with a person who is in a wheelchair – call and ask for a ramp to be installed.
• One great thing about holiday cottages east Anglia is that you have full control of your meals. Remember to buy your groceries in advance. If you feel that this will be a hassle find cottage holidays that can deliver your groceries for you – all you have to do is shop online in one of the main supermarkets. The management of the cottage together with the supermarket will coordinate delivery.
• If you will not be preparing your own meals find a cottage that has a chef – there are several in Norfolk and all you have to do is call ahead and tell them what you would like to eat. The chef prepares and brings your meal to your room.
We recommend that you go to one of the best cottages in Norfolk, the Wheatacre Hall Barns. They have some of the most authentic cottages and there is plenty for you to do. You can find out more by visiting their website,