A gardening startup is in all relevance, a good idea. Just as any business before you get started you have to do your market research. Establish where you would like to setup your business, know who your competition is, and come up with a market entry plan.
This is a good business to be in at any given time as it has proven to be recession proof as you are sure you will have work on a regular basis as gardens needs constant care and maintenance so you are likely to retain clients if your work is good resulting to a steady income. The business has flexible working hours as well giving you time to spend with family or friends.
You can also decide to use that time flexibility to your advantage to maximize and grow your business brand by building and developing good relationships with your customers. This may require you to spend more time socializing with your customers which would get you regular business. If the client feels that you catered for it will be quite hard for competition to get market share on your turf. It goes without saying that the more clients you have the more money you will make.
At the end of the day a bulging work portfolio will get you work but to look legit and professional it would a good decision to get yourself some qualifications. If you are going into the business for a long term period commit to it and invest time and effort to get certified. Having academic qualifications shows that you have the passion for gardening and your clients will trust you more. It is a service business after all.
The winter months will provide a challenging time as work will be rare to come by so plan ahead. Advertise your business, and be a smart financial planner. Communal gardens can be a good place to source work. All gardeners basically are in a similar business and reputation is something to worry about. Get yourself the basic necessities to look like a legit business. Get yourself a logo. Let it appear on your van because you will mostly be working in neighborhoods and parents like to know who is around their area. Insurance is also a plus. Get your staff some uniforms and last but not least be readily available for your clients at all times. This strategies will guarantee you good business all year round.