Glass staircase balustrades

The Essentials of Glass Staircase Balustrades
Glass balustrading continues to soar in global popularity. In fact, we specialize in glass balustrades and balconies for residential – commercial establishments across the UK. Made from durable, study and long-lasting materials, balustrades add a touch of class with beautiful glass that illuminates each and every property. With years of extensive industry experience, Go Glass showcases a myriad of glass balustrade styles and designs. This includes flat glass selections, along with textured glass, tinted glass and bespoke custom designs.
Why Choose Glass Staircase Balustrades?
At Go Glass, we can help you create an open and contemporary feel to your property with glass stairs. In fact, you can replace outdated wooden spindles with cutting-edge, new and fresh glass-based designs. These glass balustrades for stairways are cost-effective, and guaranteed to enhance your d├ęcor with modern, contemporary and trendy stylish themes. As always, we put your ideas into fruition, while meeting all your glass needs within time and budget. From flat glass and banisters to spokes and columns, our highly-dedicated team monitors each aspect of your glass installation from start to finish.
The Benefits of Glass Balustrades
If you are tired of the same old wooden-based staircases, column and spokes, it’s definitely time for a new change. We feature a dedicated design department that specializes in bespoke glass balustrades and balconies. With full technical support and design excellence, we offer a full range of systems – including bottom channel, glass point fixed panels and clamps tested to the most stringent requirements and criteria.

Frameless glass balustrades feature sturdy laminated glasses. These include in-line polished edges, along with low-profile bottom channel fixings. Whether as dividers or partial enclosures for stairways, balustrades are as safe as they are aesthetically-visually appealing.
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