Hiring a freelance marketing company

Since the sales of a business depend to a large extent on how well the products or services have been marketed, skilled and experienced marketing professionals who understand the market well are always in demand. Hence in most larger companies, competent marketing staff are paid very high salaries. Small businesses and startups often have limited resources, so they cannot hire skilled and competent marketing professionals as employees since they cannot afford to pay the salaries they demand. However, small companies can still avail of the services of highly experienced and skilled marketing professionals whenever they require, using a freelance marketing company like Blue Lizard Marketing.

The main advantage of using freelance marketing services is that the business can use the services only when required, they do not have to pay a monthly salary and other expenses. Many of the marketing activities like formulating a marketing strategy or marketing planning are done only once a year, so the marketing company can be hired for a limited period of time. A company will also require assistance for the marketing campaign only when a service or product is being launched, so hiring a freelance service will be far more cost effective since they pay only when the service is required.

Many of the other routine marketing activities like ensuring that the advertising is published online and offline, issuing press releases are fairly routine, do not require any special marketing experience and skills. So these activities can be delegated to other employees of the business. The highly skilled marketing specialist from the freelance service will only help in deciding the best way to market the business, its products, services. They will also periodically review the marketing campaign and make changes if necessary to get the desired results.

The services offered by the freelance marketing service provider depend to a large extent on the requirement of the business and the skills of its employees. In some cases, the business owner and their staff, have no prior experience in marketing and sales, so they may outsource all the marketing activities. In other cases, the business may have some marketing staff. However they may not be very experienced or the business may not be getting the desired sales, with its present marketing strategy. Hence it may decide to hire the services of a specialized marketing company to reviewing the marketing campaigns and suggest improvements or modifications.

Based on the nature of the marketing work, the marketing company will charge their client based on time or a specified amount for the marketing work which is being done. Usually if work is done at client premises, the marketing company will bill their client on an hourly basis. However, for consultancy work or for devising a suitable marketing campaign, the marketing company will usually charge a specified amount, since both the time and expertise of the staff have to be considered. Hence hiring a specialized marketing company is highly advisable for small and medium sized businesses with limited resources since it is very cost effective.