International Boarding Schools

You are travelling to an international boarding school in England for the first time and you are a little worried about whether you will be okay – it is a long way away from home. You shouldn’t worry so much – England has some of the best boarding schools, and if you chose yours with care you can be sure that you will get an excellent education. There are, however, some things you can do to ensure that your transition into your new school is a smooth one.
• Make sure that all your papers are in order early enough. Running around to get visas and travel documents ready at the last minute can leave you feeling a little frazzled so it is always a good idea to ensure that you have your papers ready a few weeks in advance. Find out whether the school requires any special documentation so you can get it ready too.
• Make sure that you have everything that is needed for school. The last thing you want is to arrive only to find out that there is still some shopping to be done – it will introduce unnecessary complications and you will not be able to settle in on time.
• Make sure that you arrive before or on the first day of school. New students are usually given an orientation – they are taken around the school to see the different facilities and meet their teachers and other staff. If you miss this important event you may find yourself feeling a bit lost.
• If you have any special medical or dietary requirements report them to the relevant office as soon as you get to school.
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