Joinery St. Neots

Your home in St. Neots is due for renovations and one of the things you want done is joinery. It is important to choose your joinery specialist carefully – there are many who are not nearly as good as they claim to be. The first thing you should ask any joiners that you have in mind is whether they are familiar with the kind of project that you have in mind. Experience is very important in joinery and it takes years to master the craft. You should only work with a joiner who has at least 5 years of experience.

It is also important to look into a joiner’s background. Many a homeowner has paid a joiner for a job only for them to abscond with the money. Choose a joiner who is well known and who has an office in the area. Although there are some one-man outfits that can be trusted you are better off going with a company – they are less likely to con you. Check online to see whether there have been any complaints against the joiner that you have in mind.

Joiners are expected to provide all the supplies for every job they do but it is up to you to make sure that they are of the right quality. You should find out who supplies the joiner and pay them a visit yourself. Make sure that they deal in only high quality, well treated woods and other supplies.

Before any job starts you should make sure that you have a solid contract in place. It should stipulate all details of the project – what it is, how much it will cost, as well as expected time of completion.

One St. Neots joiner who comes highly recommended is ALN Carpenters and Joiners Ltd. They are specialists in all kinds of joinery work and you can trust them to do great work for you. You can find out more on