Optician in Peterborough

Despite their best efforts your teenage child has been falling behind in class and you suspect that the problem may be their eyes – what should you do? Eye problems are not uncommon in growing children and they can be corrected rather easily with a pair of eye glasses. It is, however, important to make sure that your teenager is properly diagnosed so that you can rule out any other problems that may be lurking. You may want to take them to the paediatrician for a full check up before you start looking into eye doctors.
If the problem turns out to be vision that needs correcting the best thing to do is to seek out an optician who is also an optometrist – it means that you will get everything that you need in one place. You will be given an appointment, and on the given day your child will be put through a series of tests that will help determine their exact lens prescription. Eye lenses are like medicine – different people require different prescriptions depending on their kind of eye problem and how much it has progressed.
Once the optician has the right prescription they will present you with a series of options for both lenses and frames. A lot of the add-ons onto lenses such as tints and a hard coating are unnecessary so only pay for them if you want to. As for frames it is best to let your child choose what they feel will be best – if you choose for them they may end up feeling self conscious. Although eye glasses are typically not expensive you may want to find out in advance how much everything will cost so that there are no surprises along the way.
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