Professional Music Stands for All Occasions

RAT Stands is an industry leader in professional music stands for all occasions. The RAT Stand was created in 1976 as an innovative and cutting-edge illuminated music stand. The company was commissioned by one of the UK’s leading opera companies to design and build the stand. Since then, over 500 opera houses, concert halls, theaters, and civic centers – from all over the world – have utilized these amazing and inspiring stands. Similarly, they have enhanced their musical performances and stage plays with RAT Stand lighting and illumination systems.
The RAT Stand Difference
While there are several companies that produce music stands, none possess the passion and desire for intricate details that RAT offers. In fact, their design philosophies reflect the current and burgeoning musical performance trends. This is what enables them to create, produce and feature music stands and lighting that truly achieve desired results. From operas and plays to concerts and live performances, RAT employs simple – yet technically advanced and intricate materials to support new heights of artistic performances. They also offer a full range of music stands, lighting, and accessories which include:
•    Music stands (adjustable, standard, and mobile units).
•    Conductor Stands for Operas and musical performances.
•    Lights and all lighting and illumination accessories.
•    Speed Decks.
•    Tablet Stands.
•    Chairs (performer chairs, conductor chairs, and much more).
RAT Stands Will Enhance any Performance
From Abbey Road Studios to the Metropolitan and Sydney Opera Houses, RAT Stands are now the preferred choice of stands for leading music venues across the world. As a seasoned and reputable company, RAT also continues to receive stellar product reviews and industry ratings. Whether looking for portable stands, stationary stands, or a mix of both – you simply need to browse their extensive online product catalog. As always, the company features discounts for new customers, as well as substantial savings on bulk purchases and more.
Here are a few more benefits of RAT Stands:
•    RAT products are at the center of great stage and musical performances. Their music stands are featured across the world -from London to Sydney and more.
•    Their signature Apollo Light is an entry-level lamp produced to professional standards. This rugged and dependable light is made of metal and runs off a 24V supply. Perfect for stage and showcase lighting and illumination.
•    Proud worldwide suppliers of music stands and lighting accessories. This includes the USA, Australia, Asia, South America, Europe and other continents. RAT Stands also ship their products to all worldwide destinations – music houses, opera houses, concert halls, houses of worship, arenas and much more.
•    Ergonomically designed chairs that offer excellent lumbar support with adjustable seat angles. Optional adjustable legs enable the angle of the backrest, as well as height of the chair. These chairs are perfected for professional musicians, conductors and more.
RAT Stand Products
RAT Music Stands are created to help musicians deliver the perfect performance. These stylish and trendy stands are carefully designed with quality workmanship -and a strong eye for detail. With advanced materials, these unique features make them perform better -and last longer – than generic and flimsy stands. Stands are available for operas, concerts, jazz events, performers, acoustics, and so much more. For more information, please visit: