RJ Crane Hire

RJ Crane Hire takes pride in providing services across different sectors within Cambridgeshire, Suffolk as well as Norfolk. The level of customer service that this company provides to its clients is one of the reasons why they are the best in the industry. One of their goals is to build long-lasting relationships with their clients which is why they strive to ensure that every client is satisfied. Since its establishment in 1971, the Crane Hire company has risen above the competitors to be the most reputable and the most sought after. This also shows that they have gained enough experience to warrant exceptional service delivery using the best cranes.
Working with this company brings many advantages such as working with a professional team. Apart from educational qualifications, the team that this company provides also practices good work ethics that ensures they keep the schedule and finish the work within the shortest time possible. This also ensures that you complete your project within the shortest time possible. Another benefit of working with RJ crane hire is reliability. Once you have an agreement with this company they will not leave until the job is completed.
These, together with the affordability of this company makes them the best people to contact when you want a crawler crane on hire. Being that they work with several industries is also an advantage. Whether you want a crawler crane on hire for general construction, housing construction, wind farms or marines among others, you’ll find excellent service delivery from this company.
Contacting this company is easy and once you do, they’ll send a representative to evaluate and analyze the site before settling on a lifting option. You’ll be included in the decision making the process all through starting from the moment the site is assessed to the moment the job is finished. The company will advise you on the most suitable lifting option for you and the best machines to use but you’ll still play a role in the final decision. Although the assessment process is crucial, this company does it for free. This is a major contributing factor to the cost-effectiveness.
RJ Crane Hire also prioritizes the safety of everyone. They are not just concerned about making profits, they also care about the safety of their employees, their clients as well as the general public. As such, they make sure that the employees are well trained and well equipped with the correct knowledge and gear. They also ensure that all their machines are in great working conditions which helps reduce the chances of accidents further.