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Sat or Act? Which One Should You Prepare For?
When it comes to joining college, there are several criteria for determining who is suitable and who isn’t. One approach that’s used by most top schools is the SAT or ACT score. Following recent changes in the Sat curriculum, the program is now looking closely similar to ACT. For this reason, it’s not surprising to see some students taking SAT ACT prep courses concurrently. So, it may be unfair to say that one test is better than the other. Besides, most colleges accept good scores from either test. However, there are a few differences which may help you pick one course over another.
Here are some of the questions that you can use as the basis of deciding between the two:
Do You Perform Well in Science?
The Act test normally tests science disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. If you are good with model evaluations, data interpretation, and scientific investigations, you should consider ACT over SAT.
Are You Strong in Math?
Over 50% of SAT score is math-based. As for ACT, it’s only 25%. So, if you are good with statistics, algebra, probability, and other math disciplines, you should pick SAT over ACT.
Are You a Passionate Reader?
Not many students are comfortable with reading passages. if you are such a student, you should take ACT instead of SAT.
How Long Do You Take to Finish a Test?
Considering that SAT questions are more technical than ACT questions, maybe because of more math-based questions, you may find it necessary to take the course if you are used to taking more time than usual. Excluding the essay, which is optional, you’ll be offered 5 minutes more in SAT.
Generally, SAT ACT prep courses are great when targeting fast college admission and an opportunity to be awarded a merit-based scholarship. Using the above guidelines, you can now decide which of the two courses is ideal for you.