What is Single Chair Bed & What are its Benefits?

Modern day homes, especially in urban areas are short on space. This is because of increasing demand for homes and apartments. With real estate prices going through the roof, many people have no other option but to cut down on the size of their homes. However, the number of family members still continue to remain the same. Therefore, not much can be done about the requirement of furniture and other fixtures and fittings. Hence, many people have no other option but to try and look for ingenious ways by which they can make use of the space available to them. This is where the role of a SINGLE CHAIR BED comes into play. They are also referred to sofa beds. Are they really worth it and do they offer value for money? These are some of the questions that come to the minds of many people. Let us try and understand more about these types of sofa beds as they become quite popular and find acceptance in many small sized homes, especially in cities and towns where the available land space is shrinking because of population.


There are many reasons for the growing popularity of dual purpose sofa beds. As mentioned above, saving on space is perhaps the biggest reason. It also helps in making a small apartment look quite attractive and sophisticated. They have dual functionality and can be converted into a bed during the night. It mostly comes with a metal frame. This frame holds a mattress and can be folded up for storage purposes. The underside of the seat cushions can be used as storage space.


From the outside these single chair beds look like any ordinary couch. However, as you remove the cushions, you will find out that it turns itself into a fold-out mattress. You can have these single chair beds in different sizes. You could go in for small-sized ones that are large enough for a single person. There are also queen-sized sofa beds. The typical queen sofa beds measure around 60 inches in width and roughly around 80 inches long. However, you can customize it and go for sizes that are smaller depending on your specific needs and requirements.


Single chair beds are often compared to Futons. They may serve the same purpose but there are a few things that separate a single chair bed from futons. Single chair beds come with a mattress that is neatly tucked inside the frame of the couch. They can easily be pulled out and converted into a convenient bed during the night. Come morning, the couch can be folded back within a few minutes. On the other hand, futons have frames that are extended. Once they are released, they can sit flat and get converted into a bed.

Both futons and single chair beds have their own advantages and perhaps even some shortcomings. However, at the end of the day, it boils down to personal preferences but there is no denying the fact that single chair beds are getting popular with each growing day.


To conclude, there is no doubt that it makes sense to go in for single chair beds when there is a shortage of space especially in cities and even some towns.