Why Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Is So Popular


When it comes to food people are very picky with their sauces. That is because the sauce that is placed on a food is the principal ingredient that gives that food its flavor. You can take a piece of chicken and place a terrible sauce on it that will result in the customer not liking it. You can take that same piece of chicken and place a different sauce on it that will produce the outcome of the customer enjoying the chicken dish. Therefore, it is incredibly important that customers are getting sauces that taste very good. One type of sauce that is immensely popular with people who cook a lot and dine out a lot, is sriracha sauce. This sauce is so popular for a wide variety of reasons. Below is a list of reasons as to why reaper chilli sauce is so popular.

Spice Blend

The principal reason that sriracha sauce is so popular is because of the unique spice blend that it uses. It uses a proprietary spice blend that is made up primarily of peppers and also secondary seasonings that amplify the flavor. In recent times, the sauce has become popular on everything from pizza to French fries. This is a testament to how versatile the spice blend that is used in this sauce is. It also contains other components as well.

Sweet Flavor

In addition to the hot and spicy taste that this sauce displays, it also displays a magnificent sweet under flavor. This under flavor is really what takes the sauce to the next level. The sweet flavor can best be described as a Mexican version of the popular Chinese sauce that is sweet-and-sour sauce.

Heart Healthy

In addition to its incredible taste, this sauce is very heart healthy. It is heart healthy because it does not contain any artery clogging fats. Other types of sauces usually contain a high amount of oils and fats. This makes them very bad for your cardiovascular system and turns many people away from incorporating them into their diet.