A level revision sites

A Level Revision Sites
You are doing your best to revise from your text books and through tuition, but did you know that there are A Level revision sites that can help you a great deal? Many students who have gone before you used these sites and they were able to get into university after their courses. That said, not all these websites are created equal; there are some that are better than others. You have to be careful when you are choosing because you don’t want a site that has the wrong information or that is not updated. Here is what you should be looking for:
• The number of students on a site will tell you how good it is. The more the better of course – it shows you that there are many students who rely on it for information. It doesn’t mean that you go in blindly though; you should check that the information provided on the site is correct.
 • There are some sites that provide reading material and there are some that provide reading materials along with mock tests. Choose the ones that have mock tests because you can test yourself. Your test results are an indicator of how much harder you have to work.
 • Look online for websites that have past papers. Although many students don’t know it, examiners rarely come up with brand new questions. They like to pick questions from past exams and putting them in current papers. If you make it a habit to do past papers there is a very good chance that you will pass your exams. Be organized; pick a year, do all the papers from that year and then move on to another one.
 • If you can find websites where there are discussion forums between students all the better for you. Discussion is a great way of reinforcing what you learn. When you talk to other students about subject matter you are more likely to remember it. You can also pick up new ideas that can come in handy during you’re a Level exams.
 • When you come across difficult areas that you don’t understand note them down and then ask your teacher about it during the next lesson. Take notes as the teacher explains so that you can revise them later.
 If you use these tips you will be able to find yourself several revision websites that can help you prepare for your exams.