Crawler Crane on Hire

When you are looking for a crawler crane to hire what factors should you take into account? There are many crawler crane hire companies in the UK and they differ in the quality of service that they provide, so you ought to be careful as you go into this venture to hire such a heavy piece of equipment. The first thing you should look into is the crawler cranes that the company you have in mind has to offer. Are they relatively new and well maintained or are you dealing with old equipment that can break down at any time? Breaking down is not the only risk with old, heavy equipment – in the case of malfunction a compromised can cause lots of damage, not to mention injury and even fatalities.
Before you sign any crawler crane hire contracts you should talk to the rental company about the kind of insurance you ought to have in place. You are required to make sure that everyone who works in or near the crane is safe and one way to do that is to make sure that they are all insured. This may seem like an unnecessary cost but keep in mind that if anyone gets injured directly as a result of the crane you will be held responsible and will pay much more than you would have for insurance premiums. You can ask the crawler crane hire company to recommend a premium and guide you to a suitable insurance company.
The other thing you ought to look into is whether you will be provided with a crawler crane operator. You will be required to pay a bit more but it is worth it since they will be familiar with the machinery.
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