Cytotoxicity Testing

As one who carries out cytotoxicity tests on a regular basis it is important to make sure that you use the most reliable kits that you can find. The reliability of your tests will affect the results of your experiments and depending on what you are doing any mistakes you make at this point can have ramifications down the line. You don’t want to waste your money on cytotoxicity kits that don’t work or time on experiments that will give inaccurate results, so you should shop for your kits carefully.

There are a number of companies that supply these kits to life sciences firms but not all of them are as reliable as they claim to be. You should do your homework before you engage with them. Start by asking them to send you a number of complete kits to test. Make sure that you run as many tests as possible – if there is a problem with the kits one of these tests will reveal it. Do some background research into the company – it will tell you whether the company has had any dissatisfied customers in the past. If there have been find out what steps the company took to correct the problems – good businesses take immediate measures to make sure that any mistakes that they made re corrected.

You should also find out how long it takes for kits to be delivered from the time you order. Some companies take weeks because they do not have local offices, and this can set you back in your research. Make sure that the kits are transported in a safe manner to avoid contamination.

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