US Lawns Franchise

If you are a groundskeeper whose UK business isn’t doing too well you have the option of taking out a US lawns franchise. This means that instead of running your failing business you will buy a brand that is already established in the US and move your business there. Franchises come with many advantages but the most important is that you are buying an established brand. You do not have to do much marketing at all – someone already did that for you so as soon as you open your doors you will start getting clients. The other advantages of a franchise are:
 • You get everything that you need to operate. Your franchisee has the responsibility of making sure that you get everything that you need to operate. You will get an office in the US, vehicles, lawn care equipment, employee uniforms and even employee training. This way, your only job is to hire employees and make sure that they are getting the job done.
 • You don’t have to navigate the ropes on your own as you would in your own business. The franchiser already did this and because they want you to success they will give you an operations blueprint that works. This means a shorter learning curve which allows you to start making money sooner.
 • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your franchise started. Most good franchisers accept an initial down payment and then give you a few months for your business to get on its feet so that you can start making payments.
 • A franchise is a good way of doing business without the hassle that comes with running your own business. If you have a problem you can always call your franchiser and ask for advice. In other words, you have a knowledgeable consultant who is just a phone call away.
 One of the best ways to get a US lawn franchise is through Pro Lawn Care UK. They are part of a global company and they are located in Cambridgeshire. They offer franchises in the UK but they can also guide you on how to get started in the US.