What is EDM ?

Want to know about EDM? If you want to cut steel, you might need to know what EDM is all about. This cutting process is truly useful if you want to take your cutting power to a new level. The cutting industry is taken by storm by EDM too.
We are going to let you know what EDM is all about. This information will allow you to get what you need right off the bat when it comes to getting tons of details about this cutting process. This will allow you to truly get the results you want in your cutting job.
What is an EDM?
An EDM stands for an electrical discharge machine. This is a process that is performed to remove the metal in a controlled fashion by means of any electric spark erosion. An electric spark will be used as an important cutting tool. The results will be a finished part that has been cut to any desired shape.
A pulsating electrical charge will be used. This charge will also us a high-frequency current through its electrode right to its workpiece. The machine will be removing a lot of tiny pieces of metal at a controlled rate from the workpiece.
The electrical short will burn a small hole in any piece of metal that it takes into consideration. Both the electrode material and the workpiece material have to be conductors of electricity during this process. /You can use this process in two ways: formed electrode and vertical-wire continuous-traveling electrode.
Servo Mechanism
A servo control mechanism is used by both the vertical and the wire EDM machines. This mechanism is in charge of maintaining a constant gap. This gap will be around the thickness of any human hair. This gap will be placed between the workpiece and the electrode.
There should not be any sort of physical contact between the workpiece and the electrode. This is an important thing for both types of machines. If not, arcing might break the wire and damage the workpiece. As the operation takes place, this servomechanism will advance the electrode into this workpiece.
You can program these machines for vertical machining, rational, helical, directional, vectorial, indexing and spin machining cycles. This versatility is what gives these machines the advantages that they enjoy at all times. If the material that you use is electrically conductive, you can use the famous EDM process for cutting purposes.
Remember that electrical discharge machine is all bout removing metal quickly and easily. If you want to do this, you have to purchase an electrical discharge machine as soon as possible. You have also to recall that no contact should take place between the electrode and the workpiece.
A servomechanism is also paramount for any electrical discharge machine so the machine can keep a constant gap. This is truly something useful that you need to keep in mind at all times too. We have also told you about the advantages of using an electrical discharge machine today to removal materials in no time flat. Use electrical discharge machine so you can have more fun.