Air Source Heat Pump Central Heating

It is important to make sure that the central heating in your home is working well before the cold months start. These systems, while highly efficient, require proper maintenance and for that to happen you have to find a contractor who is experienced and competent enough to handle the job. Some home owners make the mistake of waiting until their air source heat pump breaks down before they call for help. If you do this you are only risking a total breakdown, and repair jobs tend to cost more than maintenance.
When air source heat pumps are properly maintained they can last as long as 20 years – not something you will get with many other types of central heating systems. Once you find a contractor who can do proper maintenance you should have them come in at least twice a year – before the summer, to make sure that the system can cool your home sufficiently, and just before the winter to make sure that it can do proper cooling. Waiting until there is a problem means that it may be a while before the contractor can get to you – they tend to have a lot of business during summer and winter.
As you choose a contractor to maintain your system you should make sure that they are certified to work with these kinds of systems. Ask them to provide you with copies of certification as well as proof of certification of one or two professional associations. They should also show you proof of insurance in case they are injured while working in your home.
One air source heat pump installer and maintenance company that comes highly recommended for East Anglia residents is Cambridge Renewable Energy Centre. You can get in touch with them through their website,