Guide to choosing heat stress monitors

There is a wide array of factors such as the use of drugs, alcohol, metabolism, physical fitness, weight, the age which affect the sensitivity of a person to heat. Working in higher air temperature, high humidity, and radiant heat sources, direct physical contact with any hot objects and different strenuous physical activities can induce heat stress among workers.

What is it?

The heat stress monitor is considered to be a smart choice in this regard as they help in monitoring the temperature. They are beneficial in calculating the possibilities of any heatstroke condition. Thus, it is possible to record and measure ambient air temperature with the aid of this equipment. These equipment measure the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature for both outdoor and indoor environments.


Heat Stress Monitors play an integral role in simplifying the heat stress management. They are effective in measuring different parameters such as relative humidity, temperature. They are used on a wide scale for the calculation of WBGT or Wet Bulb Globe Temperature.

These devices boast of a unique design for withstanding the sudden changes in temperature daily in different demanding working environments. These equipment are useful for a wide array of occupational and safety professionals.

How do they work?

These heat stress monitoring instruments play an integral role in computing the temperature of WBGT which is used for the estimation of stress in a higher temperature working environment. This instrument is used for calculating the temperature both outdoors and indoors.

WBGT or Wet Bulb Globe Temperature index contributes to being a single number which is derived from 3 unique temperature measurements such as dry bulb temperatures, wet bulb temperatures, and global temperatures. If these instruments calculate a reading of 75 degrees or more, there are risks of heat injuries. In such cases, it is recommended to take preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

Reasons to use heat stress monitoring instruments

At times, heat conditions might become a problem in the workplace. The extreme conditions might lead to a loss in the productivity of your business. It might also result in legal abilities and different regulatory violations. As you opt for the heat stress monitoring equipment, you can keep a track of the environmental conditions which help in offering protection to the valuable employees.

The heat stress monitoring instruments are used on an extensive scale for the identification of machinery and equipment which can create localized hot spots. They are also beneficial in determining and conducting a thorough hazard analysis of vital control points.

With the reading of these devices, you will know the time to trigger the different heat protection measures for preventing any sort of heat illness. In addition to this, they are beneficial in retaining and uploading the data for keeping the OSHA documentation and records up to date so that you can protect your firm.

The Heat stress Monitoring equipment is used on a wide scale in different applications such as foundries, military, offshore drilling operations, agriculture, engineering, food industry, etc. It can also be used to calculate the speed of the wind and thus this equipment is also an ideal choice to monitor the weather conditions in different underground mines.