luxury self catering norfolk

If you will be taking a luxury self catering cottage in barn Norfolk this year you have made an excellent decision – not only will you save money, it will be much more relaxed and private than a hotel holiday. That said, there are some important factors that you should take into account before you book a Norfolk luxury cottage.
 • You will be preparing your meals so if you don’t know or don’t like to cook it is a wise idea that you bring along someone who does. Shop for groceries in advance and make sure that you have everything that you need for your meals. Alternatively, you can ask the cottage management to prepare your meals – so long as you give then 24 hour notice they will deliver your meals. You can also eat in small towns in the area.
 • It is true that you will pay less than if you booked a hotel suite but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about your finances in advance. Budget for accommodation, travel, meals, drinks and anything else that you will need to pay for. Set aside some contingency money just in case.
 • Organize your transportation in advance – although most holiday cottages can be accessed by train, you will still need a means of moving around while you are in luxury cottage Norfolk. You can bring your own car or hire a car. If you don’t have a British driving license ask the cottage management to hire you a reliable driver.
 • If you will be going with more than one other person it is important to enquire how big the cottages are. There are some that are designed for whole families. If you have special requests such as an extra bed, cots and ramps all you need to do is call and let the cottage management know in advance. They may charge you a small fee for extra beds.
 • It is nice to find out what tourist attractions and activities are available in advance so that you can plan how you will move around. Set aside some time for the beach – there are some great beaches in Norfolk.
 One of the best cottages to take your holiday is Wheatacre Hall Barns – not only are they in a lovely setting, they have great, authentic cottages. They are also close to a beautiful beach and there are plenty of tourist attractions nearby that you can visit. Find out more by visiting the website,