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Top Conveyor Belts at Performance Conveyor
If your company deals with bulk materials, you need an efficient conveyor belt. Belt conveyors are helpful because they assist in moving different sizes of items at a faster rate. Another useful thing about this piece of equipment is that you can configure it to cater for various application. You can get a belt that works wonders in your food, packaging, logistics, or printing firm.
Get a Conveyor Belt that Suits Your Firm
Performance Conveyor Belting Limited is offering you excellent high-quality conveyor belts. You can now get a belt that will last besides providing your company with the much-needed efficiency. The company has over 100 different conveyor belt each made to suit the needs of clients in various industries. Here are examples of belt conveyors at Performance Conveyor Belting Limited:
The Plastic Modular Belting: These are sprocket-driven belt conveyors that ensure better tracking and drive throughout the belt. Mistracking is one of the significant causes of belt damage, which leads to a lot of losses for any business. Since this type of belt is all-plastic, it provides maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance.
PTFE Coated Mesh Conveyor Belts:This belt is the best for materials handled in UV or heat environment. It is an open mesh that has impregnated fiberglass belting to guarantee top-notch performance in extreme environments.
Polyurethane conveyor belts:The main component in this kind of belt is the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) sheet. There are two grades of polyurethane belt at Performance Conveyor Belting Limited. One is the TPU95B (Blue), and the other is TPU95T (Translucent). Both of these belts perform very well in the food, pharmaceutical, and drink sectors.
If you’re looking for a conveyor belt for sale that will serve you well, this is an opportunity for you. Get a conveyor belt that is on sale at a friendly price. You will not miss something that suits your company at Performance Conveyor Belting Limited.